Who’s involved

SEDC is a private sector initiative which needs the active involvement of relevant stakeholders to succeed. Stakeholders involved in the activities of SEDC are the Public sector, Private sector, Civil societies, Institutions including Donor Agencies, and Individuals in Nigeria and abroad.

Governments & Public Sector

SEDC work in strong collaboration with the governments of the Southeast states – principally Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo states. As the Southeast region is an integral part of Nigeria and cannot thrive in isolation, we welcome partnership opportunities from the Federal Government and the governments of other geo-political regions as a way of enhancing the economic development of our region.

Corporate Organizations & Private Sectors

Strengthening the capacity of private sector participation in the economic development of the Southeast region is an important element of SEDC initiatives. This involves small businesses, corporate conglomerates, industries and professional associations in finance, telecommunications, construction, infrastructures, manufacturing, energy, real estate, agriculture, security, creative economy, transportation, tourism and hospitality, mining and many more. We consider inclusive private sector collaboration very vital to successful development of the Southeast region.

Non- Governmental Organizations & Civil Societies

SEDC recognizes civil societies – Churches, Trade Unions, Professional Associations, NGOs – as important stakeholders in the development of Southeast region. We are open to collaborate with these groups for public awareness, engagement and participation. The civil societies have very good knowledge of the local issues and are well-connected in the community. Therefore we consider them an important in pursuing and implementing SEDC proposals and initiatives.


Any sustainable development is shaped by a number of support institutions which provide inputs to the development processes through funding, conceptual support, research, advocacy, facilitation and policy design. SEDC collaborates with a wide variety of institutions with different mandates and at different levels. Such institutions include universities, research and policy institutions, development banks, donor agencies.

Professionals & Individuals

People of noble character and integrity with no partisan agenda are welcome to be part of the activities of SEDC. Such individuals – who have made remarkable professional achievements in their field of endeavour – could function at various capacities including advisory and consultancy, programme design and implementation, partnership facilitation, networking, resource mobilization, framework development, legal and advocacy etc.