Development Partners

Elected by Ndigbo to serve the people as Governors of the South East States and their governments. They have the primary responsibility to govern their State, develop and implement policies and projects that will ensure the protection and progress of their people.
The Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn (PERL) is a governance programme, funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) in Nigeria. PERL brings together governments and citizens groups to collectively address governance challenges for improved delivery of pro-poor public goods and services.
Elected by Ndigbo to represent them at the Federal legislature comprising of the Senate and Federal House of Representatives, as well as the individual State Assemblies. Key anchor for protecting and advancing the interest of the SE through legislation, lobbying and strategic political negotiations for the region.
Igbo Ministers appointed by the President to head Federal Ministries which include Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to provide exemplary leadership and stewardship in their positions. Will ensure fair Federal policies that accommodate the interests of the SE are dully implemented.
Public Top/Senior level Igbo officials in public service at various Federal MDAs.
The most prominent socio-cultural organization of the South-East Region: Spokesman and advocate for SE interests and agenda.
An assemblage of Nigerian human expertise outside the country, already contributing to the development of countries around the world in various areas who can bring their experience and expertise to bear on the overall development of South Eastern Nigeria.
A convergence of professionals, academic and cultural interest group to chart a course for the survival of the Igbo nation as well as the achievement of equity treatment in Nigeria.
Annual conference of Igbo people in the diaspora. All Igbo people in Nigeria and the diaspora can attend the conferences and events organized by the leadership of WIC. WIC’s focus is to defend Igbo people and Alaigbo abroad.
This is a group with a high concentration of Igbo youths for brainstorming and seeking ways of corporate advancement.
An online forum of Ndigbo for the exchange of ideas and information, as well as deliberations on issues affecting Igbos at home and in the diaspora . The forum includes a large talent pool of Igbos in Nigeria and the diaspora, some of whom are volunteers in SEDC.
Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) is a non-Governmental organization that brings together Igbo Intelligentsia, Elders, Clergy, Patriotic public figures, Women and Youth, both at home and abroad, with the main objective of protecting and ensuring the survival of Ndigbo, their Culture and Civilization as well as the development of Igbo-land.
The African Heritage Institution (AfriHeritage) is devoted to economic policy research, and facilitates policy advocacy, training, and networking. It also provides consultancy services to Federal and State governments, local and international agencies, and the private sector.
SE Chambers of Commerce is made up of Associations of companies, businessmen and women who have common goal of protecting and improving the business environment in which they operate for their benefit and that of the community.
South East Leadership and Development Initiative (SELDI) encourages people from the region to start thinking home and support the movement to rebuild the region through Leadership and Development.
An Igbo socio-political and cultural organization whose focus is on “Oganiru Ndi Igbo”.
Americare Healthcare Group is a group of South East Physicians in Diaspora who have interest in developing world standard hospitals in the region and Nigeria in general.
These are international organizations, agencies and government departments charged with deepening diplomatic relationships by ways of technical assistance and support in Nigeria.
SEDC will continue to identify and work with additional organizations with mutual interest for the development and progress of Ala Igbo as the opportunities and need arise.