Security and economic development are linked. Without security there can be no sustained economic development. Experience teaches that the reverse is also true: persistent and widespread poverty can also undermine the stability of a whole country. Similarly, if large sections of society have no access to their country’s natural wealth or political processes, stability is also at grave risk.

To boost investors confidence, security of investments, lives and properties must be guaranteed. SEDC will advise relevant stakeholders – government security agencies, private security companies and local communities – on strategic ways to combat the security threats to economic development in the Southeast using innovative security technologies and strategies. We will also work with ALL the communities to assist relevant crime prevention agencies in situation monitoring and information gathering.

The Internet has given rise to the emergence of a type of crime where incidences happen far too quickly for conventional law enforcement methods to keep pace. Cyber crime rates continue to increase in line with Internet adoption. At the same time, the authorities have more data on criminal activity at their disposal than ever before, and now have an opportunity to harness this information in ways which make intelligence development and investigation more streamlined and cost effective.

SEDC will assist security agencies in developing and deploying strategies to to provide a more accurate and comprehensive assessment of cyber criminality and also ensure that responses are effective and timely. Active partnerships with ISPs, Internet security organizations and online financial services are key. The private sector needs to be assured of a confidential relationship in which information can be exchanged for investigative and intelligence purposes.