Funding infrastructural development and financing businesses are key to economic development of any region. Limited access to funds, bureaucratic bottlenecks, high interest rates, short pay-back period, collateral structures, poor investors confidence, inconsistent government policies are some of the many challenges affecting projects of business funding in Nigeria.

SEDC will work with foreign investors, financial institutions, NGOs, development institutions, international donor agencies and governments to develop innovative strategies for providing high-quality, appropriate financial support to communities and businesses.


We will evaluate projects/initiatives, provide recommendations based on our findings, and help to ensure that initiatives continue to increase financial inclusion over time. We will design innovative solutions such as savings products, incentive programs, as well as models to bring tailored financial services to businesses and projects within the Southeast region.

SEDC will bring together public and private sector stakeholders from across the financial services ecosystem to implement  collective action that will address project finance at a systemic level.