Agriculture has been of immense importance and will always remain a cardinal sector in Southeast region economic development. The region has comparative advantage in the Agricultural sector, where varieties of crops and animals are produced due to favorable climatic condition, good soil structure and the fact that over 95% of the entire land mass of the country is arable. However this sector is grossly underdeveloped and is still largely subsistent. A strong and efficient agricultural sector would enable the region feed its growing population, generate employment, earn foreign exchange through export and provide raw materials for industries.

SEDC is aiming at attracting responsible local and foreign investors, transforming the mostly traditional agricultural economy of today into a productive and sustainable agro-economy. We hope to achieve this by establishing inclusive supply chains that connects buyers and sellers of agricultural produce and also enable agricultural actors to enter new markets. SEDC will design finance facilities that support agribusiness development and work with relevant agencies to increase public and private investment to farmers, cooperatives and processors.